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The Strategic Negotiator featuring Nina Meierding

6 hours 30 minutes

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The Strategic Negotiator featuring Nina Meierding
Thursday, February 14, 2013
9:00–4:30; 6.5 General MCLE Credits            

9:00–10:30    Understanding the Negotiation Process—And Why the Process Matters
        Nina Meierding begins the seminar with an overview of the negotiation process, including:
        •    Why intuitive skills are not enough—how to prepare for the process of negotiation as well as the substance of the negotiation
        •    Discussion and illustration of competitive and collaborative negotiation styles
        •    Explanation of Axelrod’s theory of avoiding exploitation
        •    The process of competitive negotiation and the predictability of the “distributive dance”
        •    Questions and answers

10:30–10:45     break

10:45–12:15    Developing Your Negotiation Strategy and
        Skills—You Can Learn to Be a Better Negotiator
        This session focuses on how competitive negotiations typically play out and how you can improve your negotiation skills. Discussion topics will include:
        •    The “distributive dance” in practice
        •    The art and science of the opening offer
        •    Recognizing and responding to negotiation tactics; including extreme opening offers, stonewalling, and more
        •    Questions and answers

12:15–1:15    lunch

1:15–2:45    Collaborative Negotiation—How to Create Value in Negotiation
        This session introduces the concept of collaborative negotiation and explores how it can lead to even better agreements for your clients and better relationships between the parties. Discussion topics will include:
        •    The four steps of integrative bargaining
        •    Developing effective listening and questioning skills
        •    Determining issues v. interests
        •    Creating value in negotiation
        •    Questions and answers

2:45–3:00    break

3:00–4:30    Breaking Deadlocks and Creating Durable Agreements—To Reach an Agreement, You Have to Get Creative
        The final session will focus on:
        •    Resolving impasse, breaking deadlocks, and reviving stalled negotiations
        •    Causes of resistance to settlement and discuss customized techniques to overcome the different sources of impasse
        •    Elements of durable agreements and how to create them
        •    Questions and answers

4:30 p.m.    adjourn

Original Recording Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013

CLE Credits (60): 6.5 General MCLE Credits

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Oregon Law Institute of Lewis & Clark Law School

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