New Trends in Oregon Discovery

6 hours 15 minutes

New Trends in Oregon Discovery

At this practice-oriented seminar, experienced litigators and judges from the state bench will share their insights on today’s most important discovery issues. You will learn about recent and proposed rule changes affecting discovery practice, tips from the bench on discovery battles, and the latest in e-discovery. Our faculty will explore the interplay between discovery in civil litigation and government investigations, when to choose arbitration, and how to seek mandamus review.

Friday, October 25, 2013
Ambridge Event Center
1333 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.                
Portland, Oregon
6.25 General MCLE Credits


8:30 a.m.         Registration and continental breakfast

9:00–10:30      Discovery Battles from the Judge’s Perspective
                         •   What is overly broad and unduly burdensome
                         •    When and how to get native files and the proprietary software to view them
                         •    When and how to get electronic healthcare records in electronic format
                         •    The limits to discovery of social media
                         •    When is a motion to compel time well spent
                         •    What should go into the briefing for a motion to compel
                         •    What matters most in oral argument on a motion to compel
                         •    What a lawyer should not do during a discovery battle
                       Moderator: Katherine Heekin
                        – Hon. Eric J. Bloch
                        – Hon. Karsten H. Rasmussen
                        – Hon. Youlee Y. You

10:30–10:45      break

10:45–11:30      Discovery Under the New Multnomah County Civil Case Management System
                           •    Proposed new revisions to the Supplemental Local Rules on civil case management
                           •    Why the rules are being changed
                           •    How the new rules affect discovery practices in Multnomah County
                          – Hon. Stephen K. Bushong

11:30–12:00      Why Choose Arbitration?
                            •    Expedited jury trial program – what is it?
                            •    UTCR 5.15 (as modified) and forms 1a and 1b
                            •    Availability in the circuit courts
                            •    Multnomah County’s plan
                           – Walter H. Sweek

12:00–1 :00      lunch (on your own)    

1:00–2:00        Recent Trends in Electronic Discovery
                         •    Overview of recent cases            
                         •    Social media
                         •    Technology-assisted review
                         – Elleanor H. Chin

2:00–3:00        Mandamus – Your Last Resort for Discovery
                         •    When is mandamus available or likely?
                         •    Strategy and timing issues
                         •    The nuts and bolts of obtaining mandamus review
                        – Daniel L. Keppler
                        – Jonathan M. Radmacher    

3:00–3:15        break        

3:15–4:15      Civil Discovery and White-Collar Criminal Investigations
                       •    The interplay between discovery in civil litigation and government investigations
                       •    When a party, target or witness invokes the Fifth Amendment (“Takes the Fifth”) in civil litigation:  What are the implications on civil liability as well as criminal exposure?
                       •    What are your obligations to share civil discovery with government investigators and vice versa?  Even if not mandatory, when is it advisable?
                     – Steven B. Ungar

4:15 p.m.       adjourn


Hon. Eric J. Bloch
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Hon. Stephen K. Bushong
Chief Civil Judge
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Elleanor H. Chin
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Meagan A. Flynn
Program Co-Planner
Preston Bunnell & Flynn LLP

Katherine Heekin
The Heekin Law Firm

Daniel L. Keppler
Program Co-Planner
Kennedy Watts Arellano & Ricks LLP

Wendy M. Margolis
Program Co-Planner
Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP

Jonathan M. Radmacher
McEwen Gisvold LLP

Hon. Karsten H. Rasmussen
Presiding Judge
Lane County Circuit Court

Walter H. Sweek
Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP

Steven B. Ungar
Lane Powell PC

Hon. Youlee Y. You
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Original Recording Date: October 25, 2013

CLE Credits (60): 6.25 General

Produced By:

Oregon Law Institute of Lewis & Clark Law School

Course Materials

  • Book cover, schedule, bios, etc
  • Ch-01 Discovery Battles from the Judge's Perspective
  • Ch-02 Discovery Under the New Multnomah County civil Case Management System
  • Ch-03 Why Choose Arbitration
  • Ch-04 Recent Trends in Electronic Discovery
  • Ch-05 Mandamus-Your Last Resort for Discovery
  • Ch-06 Civil Discovery and White-Collar Criminal Investigations
  • MCLE Form
  • Fillable Evaluation
  • Printable PowerPoint Slides