Litigating Auto Accident Cases

6 hours 30 minutes

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Litigating Auto Accident Cases

Friday, April 19, 2013
Ambridge Event Center
1333 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland, Oregon
6.5 General or Practical Skills MCLE Credits



8:25               welcome and opening remarks
            – Robert C. Kline, Jr.
            – Kristin L. Olson

8:30–9:30         Discovery in Auto Injury Cases
            •    Depositions – how to prepare your client
            •    Use of pre-litigation experts
            •    Other sources – Google, Facebook, Twitter
            •    Requests for admission – how to save time and $$
            •    Preserving evidence
            •    DMEs and IMEs – use by plaintiff and defendant
            – Thomas D’Amore
            – Paul R. Xóchihua
9:30–10:15         Accident Reconstruction
            •    How collisions cause – or don’t cause – injuries
             •    Expert qualifications and OEC 104 hearings
            •    Junk science    
            •    Bolstering the testimony of the expert
            •    Cross examining the expert    
            – John M. Coletti
            – Eric E. Meyer

10:15–10:30        break

10:30–12:00        Experts—Effective Strategies for Preference, Preparation, and Presentation at Trial
            •    Strategic reasons to retain or not retain experts
            •    Where to find expert
            •    What information to provide to an expert
            •    Expert’s preparation and process
            •    Pre-trial issues
            – Sheila Cieslik
            – Richard J. Vangelisti
12:00–1:00        lunch (on your own)

1:00–1:45        PIP Repayment Strategies
            •    Intercompany reimbursement, liens, and subrogation
            •    PIP offsets in UM/UIM claims
            •    Reduction in judgment
            •    Repayment limits and avoidance
            – Joel DeVore
1:45–2:45        Mediating and Settling Auto Injury Cases: Dos and Don’ts
            •    Client evaluation
            •    Preparing your case and client
            •    Stages in the process
            •    Who to bring and what to bring
            •    Managing expectations
            •    Evaluating the insurance carrier
            •    Ensuring a positive conclusion                
            – Albert J. Bannon
            – Hon. Karsten H. Rasmussen
            – David A. Tallant

2:45–3:00        break

3:00–4:00        Trying Your Case —What Works and What Doesn’t
            •    Considerations before you file
            •    What should lawyers do to effectively prepare for trial
            •    What is “fair game” and what is off limits in voir dire
            •    Common evidentiary mistakes or oversights
            •    Effective jury instructions    
            •    What type of issues related to the lawyers do juries frequently complain about
             – Hon. D. Charles Bailey, Jr.
            – Hon. Marilyn E. Litzenberger
            – Hon. Karsten H. Rasmussen

4:00 p.m.        adjourn

Original Recording Date: April 19, 2013

CLE Credits (60): 6.5 General or

Practical Skills: 6.5

Produced By:

Oregon Law Institute of Lewis & Clark Law School

Course Materials

  • Ch-01 Discovery in Auto Injury Cases
  • Ch-02 How an Accident Reconstruction Can Help and Hurt your Case
  • Ch-03Experts- Effective Strategies for Preference, Preparation and Presentation at Trial
  • Ch-04 PIP Repayment Strategies
  • Ch-05 Mediating and Settling Auto Cases- Do's and Don't's
  • Ch-06 Trying Your Case, What Works and What Doesn't
  • Schedule, Bios, TOC etc.
  • MCLE Form
  • Evaluation - Fillable Form
  • PowerPoint Slides