Legal Ethics’ Greatest Hits (and Misses) of 2012–2013

3 hours

Legal Ethics’ Greatest Hits (and Misses) of 2012–2013
3 Ethics Credits

10:00–11:45        Legal Ethics’ Greatest Hits (and Misses) of 2012–2013
            •    A review of recent Oregon ethics opinions and disciplinary decisions on issues including but not limited to:
                ◦    Social networking as a discovery tool, marketing tool, and disciplinary risk for lawyers, jurors, and judges
                ◦     Miscoding of personal expenses and misuse of Westlaw as grounds for discipline
                ◦     Negligence versus incompetence as a basis for discipline
                ◦     State of mind issues in disciplinary proceedings
                ◦     Oregon’s proposed changes to the lawyer marketing rules: too far or not far enough?
            •    Are things changing or are they remaining the same? Meet the new Disciplinary Counsel and Director of Regulatory Services to discuss:
                ◦     Increased use of alternatives to discipline and greater distinctions between minor and major offenses
                ◦    Disciplinary recidivists and what to do about them
                ◦    How the Bar and lawyers in private and public practice can streamline the disciplinary process
                ◦    Updated disciplinary approaches to interstate and international practices
                ◦    When and why the Rules of Professional Conduct should be broadly or narrowly construed
                ◦    Speak now....Open Q&A with the Disciplinary Counsel
                    – John S. Gleason
                    – Peter R. Jarvis

11:45–12:00        break

12:00–1:00        The Case for Civility/Professionalism as a Winning Strategy
            •    The tactical benefits of civility/professionalism in litigation
            •    The tactical benefits of civility/professionalism in business matters
            •    Why “fighting fire with fire” is almost never the wisest approach
            •    Dealing with rude, intemperate, and arrogant opponents and clients
                   – Peter R. Jarvis
                   – Peter H. Koehler, Jr.
                   – Hon. Nan G. Waller

1:00            adjourn

Original Recording Date: November 8, 2013

CLE Credits (60): 3 Ethics

Ethics Credit (60): 3

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Oregon Law Institute of Lewis & Clark Law School

Course Materials

  • MCLE form
  • Evaluation
  • Ch01-Legal Ethics Hits and Misses 2012-2013
  • Addressing Discrimination Harassment and Intimidation
  • Child Abuse Reporting-Legal Obligations and Professional Ethics