26th Annual Family Law Seminar

6 hours 45 minutes

26th Annual Family Law Seminar
This year’s program will focus on, among other topics, legislative update, new Child Support Guidelines, appellate update, discovery issues, strategies for effectively representing challenging clients – plus advice from our panel of judges on best family court practices.

Don’t miss this practical seminar designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information in areas that will affect your everyday practice!

Friday, September 20, 2013
Ambridge Event Center
1333 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland, Oregon
6.75 General MCLE Credits

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8:00 a.m.    check-in and continental breakfast

8:30–9:15   Appellate Review of Domestic Relations
            •    Standard of review
            •    Marital agreements
            •    Same-sex marriage
            – Mark Johnson Roberts

9:15–10:15   Top Ten Family Law E-Discovery Issues
            •    Family law lawyers must consider electronic data
            •    E-discovery can be a profit center and marketing differentiator for your practice
            •    Preservation and collection best practices
            •    How to cull electronic data based on the issues in the case (custody, support, and property division)
            •    Using social network and online “cloud” data
            •    Using iPhone and other smart phone data
            •    Effective search strategies for electronic data
            •    Performing a defensible document review
            •    Producing electronic data to the requesting party
            •     Effective trail presentation of electronic data
            – Tom Howe

10:15–10:30   break

10:30–11:15   Child Support Guidelines: The Next Generation
            •    New child support guidelines effective 7/1/13
                ◦    Non-joint child credit
                ◦    Child care credit
                ◦    Parenting time
                ◦    Medical support
                ◦    Child attending school
                ◦    Determination of income
            •    Revised child support worksheet
            •    Demonstration of new online calculator    
            – Kate Cooper Richardson
            – Michael L. Ritchey

11:15–12:00  Hard Truths – Preparing Clients for What They Don’t Want to Hear and Strategies for Effectively Representing Challenging Clients
           •    Techniques to share “hard truths” with clients beginning at the initial intake interview so the client isn’t shell-shocked later on by the result from the court or an evaluator
           •    Tips and strategies for communicating with the client to represent them effectively through different legal processes while also addressing their counterproductive conduct  
          •    The psychological issues that may be fueling the challenging client’s negative behavior, and how you can best respond
            – Lorah Sebastian
            – Herbert A. Trubo

12:00–1:00   lunch (on your own)

1:00–1:30   Everything You Need to Know about the Last Legislative Session
             – Hon. Maureen H. McKnight

1:30–2:15   Responses to Ten Difficult Questions from Clients
            An interactive discussion that will help you answer some of the weird questions that you might occasionally hear from your family law clients:
            •    Can I record my spouse’s phone calls?
            •    Can I read my spouse’s emails?  
            •    Can I change the locks on our house?
            •    Can my new girlfriend sleep over?
            •    Can my wife and I live together while we’re divorcing?
            •    Can I spend child support money on myself?
            •    What if my spouse dies or becomes terminally ill during the pendency of our case?
            •    What if we have filed fraudulent tax returns?        
            •    Can I invoke the 5th amendment in deposition testimony, hearing testimony, or at trial?
            •    How will the court distribute the inheritance I received when my father died?
            – David C. Gearing
            – Eric C. Larson

2:15–2:30   break        

2:30–3:30   Four Snapshots – The Intersection of Family Law and Four Related Practice Areas
            •    Bankruptcy Law
            – Ann K. Chapman
            •    Tax Law
            – John J. Christianson
            •    Mortgages, Foreclosures and Short Sales
            –  Kelly L. Harpster
            •    Social Security Disability Law
            – Martin L. Alvey

3:30–4:15   Trying a Family Law Case – Observations from the Bench
            – Hon. Kathie F. Steele
            – Hon. Diana I. Stuart     
            – Hon.  Katherine E. Tennyson     

4:15 p.m.        adjourn


Martin L. Alvey
Martin L. Alvey PC

Ann K. Chapman
Vanden Bos & Chapman LLP

John J. Christianson
Watkinson Laird Rubenstein
Baldwin & Burgess PC

David C. Gearing
Gearing Rackner Engel & McGrath LLP

Kelly L. Harpster
Harpster Law LLC

Tom Howe
Howe & Associates

Eric C. Larson
Gevurtz Menashe

Grace Y. Lee
Program Co-Planner
Grace Family Law

Hon. Maureen H. McKnight
Chief Family Court Judge
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Kate Cooper Richardson
Director, Oregon DOJ,
Child Support Division

Michael L. Ritchey
Program General Counsel, Oregon DOJ,
Civil Enforcement Division

Mark Johnson Roberts
Program Co-Planner
Gevurtz Menashe

Lorah Sebastian, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Hon. Kathie F. Steele
Clackamas County Circuit Court

Hon. Diana I. Stuart
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Hon. Susan M. Svetkey
Program Co-Planner
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Hon. Katherine E. Tennyson
Chief Probate Judge
Multnomah County Circuit Court

Herbert A. Trubo
Sorensen–Jolink Trubo LLP

Original Recording Date: September 20, 2013

CLE Credits (60): 6.75 General

Practice Area: Family Law

Produced By:

Oregon Law Institute of Lewis & Clark Law School

Course Materials

  • Cover page, Schedule, bios, etc.
  • Ch-01 Appellate Case Review
  • Ch-02 Top 10 Family Law E-Discovery Issues
  • Ch-03 Child Support Guidelines- The Next Generation
  • Ch-04 Hard Truths - Preparing Clients for What They Don't Want to Hear
  • Ch-05 Oregon Family Law Legislation
  • Ch-06 Response to 10 Difficult Questions from Clients
  • Ch-07 Four Snapshots of Family Law and Related Practice Areas
  • Ch-08 Trying a Family Law Case - Observations from the Bench
  • MCLE Form
  • Evaluation
  • PowerPoint Slides